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TECO to begin party trolly on weekends

Streetcar Party

The TECO Line Streetcar System which runs throughout Downtown Tampa and Ybor will begin the launch of a “party trolly” which will run on Friday and Saturday nights, providing a vibrant party style atmosphere similar to that of a party bus, on a trolly.

“People were most frequently using our streetcar system to traverse between locations to get inebriated.” Said head of streetcar operations Gennethin Kwebb.

“So we figured, why not continue the party on the trolly? Why pause the fun just to switch locations, let’s let passengers party to their hearts content while riding the trolly!” Kwebb said.

The party trolly will feature colored strobe lights and loud party music, as well as a cash bar which will offer refreshments from local breweries such as Tampa Heights BrewCo. and 6 Cousins Ale House. A mini dance floor will be installed in the aisle of the trolly, allowing riders to bump and grind all the way to the next stop.

“We’re also teaming up with, a deaf dating site, to hold singles meet ups on the party trolly to boost ridership.” Said Kwebb.

“We understand some people may be alarmed to get on a trolly and it to be a party full of deaf people, but maybe the intrigue will cause more publicity!” Kwebb happily exclaimed animating his hands much too close to my face.

The “party trolly” is part of a city wide “lets get attention plan” where numerous facets of the city will try weird and absurd ideas to try and draw attention to Tampa, whether it be good or bad.

“I heard that the airport let a guy do stand up on one of their trains all day long.” Kwebb said while shaking his head.

“I mean hosting a party on a trolly is one thing, but stand up at the airport? Now that’s insane! I had to reread the article again just to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me. That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard!” Kwebb laughed.

“I was the guy performing stand up on the train at the airport.” I said.

Kwebb then turned white and got silent for a moment.

“Oh…” He whispered. “It probably wasn’t that bad!”

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