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Top 5 Sex Toys at The Todd – The Couples Superstore

top sex toys for sale at The Todd Couples Super Store

Todd’s Couple’s Superstore – Hillsborough County – Thursday, 5.16.2019

Tampa is a city well known for its strip clubs, steakhouses, and strip club/steakhouse hybrids. Clearly we are a city of taste. No other place better displays the myriad tastes of the Tampa bay area than does Todd Couples Superstores. Tampa News Force had the opportunity to visit the establishment, and below are some of our favorite quality products that we found there.

5. This Cage Thing

The Trap Cage

Extremely sexy and not at all terrifying, this penis cage is sure to bring joy to all parties involved. It’s like a punishment for your penis, and it’s not at all likely that your partner will lock it up and run away with the key with Devin from the corner store. (Damn I knew this threesome thing was a bad idea.)

4. Hulk Hogan Blow-up Doll

Hulk Hogan Blow-up Doll

One hundred percent likely to spice up your sex tape with your best friend’s wife! Practice your leg drops and rip its shirt off! It features a voicebox with over 18 prerecorded promos, many including unedited sound-bytes of the Hulkster dropping the N-bomb, get this one before we are bought by Hogan and he deletes this portion of the article.

3. Just Raw Chicken

Raw Chicken

Anything can be a sex toy, and at Todd’s, they take this phrase to heart! While the implications of what one would do with an entire raw chicken are frightening, who are we to judge?

2. Old Telephone

Old Telephone

Only one in stock, I almost picked this one up because we have a collection of old telephones at my house, we don’t use them the way the store clerk described it but it’s probably a fun party prop or something.

1. Gasparilla Beads

Gasparilla Beads

We’re not gonna lie, these look like someone just gathered a bunch of beads left behind from Gasparilla and twisted them together. Don’t buy these to throw at the parade.

Maggie Hyde
Tampa News Force Journalism Exchange Program Intern

Maggie Hyde

Writer. As seen on Making You a Sub. Twitter @darthsunflowerr