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Writers strike not expected to impact Tampa News Force


The looming strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) will have a major affect on the film and television industries in Hollywood but is not expected to have any impact on Tampa News Force (TNF) at all. “First of all, we’re not members of the Guild,” said TNF Labor Services spokesperson Kevin ‘Kevvy Kev’…

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Tampa International Airport expanding yet again

In light of recent reports that indicate that Chinese spy balloons flying over the continental United States are a more common occurrence than previously believed, Tampa International Airport is taking steps to accommodate the additional air traffic. “It’s really more of a safety concern than anything else,” said airport spokesperson Eleanor Nipplemyer. “Apparently there’s a…

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How to make 6 figures in 6 seconds!

If you want to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in mere seconds, look no further than slot machines! Within 6 seconds you can make 6 figures. That’s how easy it is! All you need is luck! This is less of a news article and more of a philosophical think-piece. You think about it. And…

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Man caught putting stickers on eggs at Publix


A man was spotted placing stickers saying “I DID THAT” with a picture of President Joe Biden on them on cartons of eggs at the Publix grocery store at 2724 W. Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa yesterday. “Hey, get out of here! You can’t do that!” said a grocery bagger at the store. “Why the hell…

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Hetero Normative Oxygen Bar Opens in Apollo Beach

oxygen bar

In a move that has shocked and outraged many members of the LGBTQ+ community, a new business called the “Hetero Normative Oxygen Bar” has opened its doors in the heart of Apollo Beach. The establishment, which bills itself as a “safe space for straight people,” offers a variety of oxygen-infused air mixtures, each designed to…

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Tampa man regrets ending year on sour note with boss


A full day after an unfortunate incident at his job, Ronald Robertson, a clerk at ClerkCo’s home office in downtown Tampa, was still feeling remorse to the point of being in a state of mild shock. “I just can’t believe it,” he said. “I had my shot and I blew it. There’s no excuse and…

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