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Pinellas Park Woman Stabs Man at ‘Murder Mystery Dinner Theater’, Claims She Was “Helping the Show”

dinner theater

Last Saturday at the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, which is in a repurposed Toys “R” Us in Bradenton, a woman became embroiled in a heated exchange with an actor during a live performance. The apparent cause of the altercation? Undercooked mozzarella sticks. “The middle of momma’s appetizer was frozen. And I mean solid!” said Jaydlen…

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Bradenton man has stare-down with tiny lizard

Chuck Smith of Bradenton was caught up in a brutal stare-down on Tuesday with a miniscule green anole lizard identified in his yard. Smith stepped outside his home for a moment planning to walk to his car, when all of the sudden he noticed a small lizard standing in front of his driveway. Smith flinched…

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