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Screw You Mr. Rabiola!

Mr. Rabiola

Mr. Rabiola, my high school English teacher, taught me many things. But now that I’m a professional writer at a Floridian news empire, I don’t have to follow the rules. I understand that I’m typically not supposed to start sentences with a conjunction. I understand that additional clauses starting with “and” should be set off…

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Top 10 things to do instead of cocaine

This is very bad for you

Experiencing a crash after your boss said no more cocaine in the office? Because he wants to revamp the work environment around here to be more “professional?” Like professionals don’t do cocaine. How do you think Elon Musk created a space company at age 31? Here’s 10 things to do instead of cocaine! Poptarts Poptarts…

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Life Is Good

Life is brILLIANT! There are infinitely inspiring and fun activities to do, cool people to meet and connect with, projects to accomplish while working together with others in meaningfully artistic human ways! I know it’s cliche, but it really is true— YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! !!

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Sports stuff happening somewhere in Florida

Not everyone is a die-hard sports fan or competition-crazed enthusiast. Nonetheless, it feels good to be up on the latest news events. That’s why I’m here to inform you that there has been word that sports stuff is going on… or it did go on recently. It’s been confirmed that something sports related is/was just…

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Tampa selected as test market for new Taco Bell menu

Taco Bell New Menu items

After announcing they will be discontinuing their Spicy Tostada and Mexican Pizza, Taco Bell fans everywhere are disappointed to say the least. Well you’re in luck, because the restaurant just unveiled 11 new menu items out now in select testing areas Tampa, FL and Boulder, CO. They are a must-try! Can’t decide what’s for dinner?…

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Bradenton man has stare-down with tiny lizard

Chuck Smith of Bradenton was caught up in a brutal stare-down on Tuesday with a miniscule green anole lizard identified in his yard. Smith stepped outside his home for a moment planning to walk to his car, when all of the sudden he noticed a small lizard standing in front of his driveway. Smith flinched…

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