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New restaurant for singles opening soon in Brandon


A new chain of restaurants is opening their first location in Brandon, Florida, because that’s where every chain of restaurants opens new locations for some reason. Lonely’s is a new concept eatery, catering exclusively to people who are alone, whether by choice or not. It will serve a menu with a wide variety of top-quality…

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Brandon resident kind of confused by popular new catchphrase

Phillip McGooley of Brandon does not understand the meaning behind a catchphrase that has become increasingly popular lately, nor how he’s expected to respond to it. “I get that it’s a positive thing, meant to show support for or perhaps inspire Brandon”, he said. “And that’s great. But are they talking about the town where…

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New Bay Area business offers inexpensive makeovers for children

For centuries, parents of unattractive children have struggled for a solution to their plight. Now KidWrap, a new company out of Brandon has come along with what may be the solution! “It’s pretty simple, really,” said owner Brad Floont. “Much like wrapping a motor vehicle, which consists of several huge vinyl decals that are applied…

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Every Building in Brandon Now Sells Alcohol

Beef O’ Brady’s – Hillsborough County – Thursday 3.8.2019 Brandon has officially been added to the elite list of 36 cities nationwide that have a population where every single building in the region sells alcohol. “I can’t believe we made it,” says middle school teacher and part-time basket weaver, Becky Long. “We’ve always had a…

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