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Dunedin man suffers brain trauma over time change

Doug Beadle of Dunedin suffered a significant brain injury this morning, trying to understand Daylight Savings Time which ended early Sunday morning. “I was fine; in fact, I felt great after that extra hour of sleep last night,” he said from his bed at Mease Dunedin Hospital. He was sitting at his kitchen table at…

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Seffner man wants Biden to give him his hour back

Biden Time

Randy Spragg of Seffner woke up this morning to find that an hour of his day had been taken away and he wants the President of the United States to give it back. “Biden ruins everything! He’s the worst! He’s taking away our freedom, he’s taking away inexpensive gas, he’s taking away our great relationship…

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Mayor Castor invokes gaylight savings time

Gaylight Savings Time

Mayor Jane Castor has enacted gaylight savings time, a program in which gay people will bottle their inner light to help counteract the earlier night time cause by daylight savings time. “We all have a special light inside of us.” Said Castor to a crowd of onlookers gathered at the riverwalk of Curtis Hixon Park.…

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