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Black Drag Queen commits school shooting

This just in: apparently a transgender person who identifies as a “Drag Queen” of African American descent has shot up a public school, using some sort of gun device. No word yet on which school or what casualties there might be or if the person of interest has been apprehended. We will post updates on…

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New queen in town taking Tampa Bay drag scene by storm!

Rhonda Santis

Rhonda Santis, a drag performer who recently moved to Tampa from Tallahassee, is packing in crowds at drag shows all over the Tampa Bay Area. “There’s something familiar about her but I can’t put my finger on it,” said legendary local drag queen Amy DeMilo. “But I don’t think I’d like to.” “She’s really filthy.…

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Family can’t get into Tampa Bay Area drag shows

Can't turn gay

A family from Brandon is very upset that they’re not being allowed to attend the raunchiest, late night drag shows in the Tampa Bay Area. “This has got to be a violation of our rights or something,” said Mike Turd, the family’s patriarch. “Yes, that’s correct; our last name is Turd, which is totally a…

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Ybor City launches drag queen exchange program

New Drag Queen Exchange program opens in Tampa

In an effort to balance the population throughout the state of Florida, the Ybor City chamber of commerce has announced a drag queen exchange program.  “As of the last survey, we found we have lots of drag queens,” says Mark Homphler, director of Ybor’s Department of Poorly Managed Statistics. “Wait; we have a whole bunch…

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