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God decides during pride month gays can go to heaven

The creator of everything, God, notorious for being against the concept of homosexuality, has decided to soften his stance on same-sex love, by allowing gay people to get in to heaven during pride month. “I’ll be honest, hell is just becoming too gay, I’ve sent so many gay people there, and I get so much…

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Atheism rises among Tampa residents who still don’t have power

The lack of faith in God has swept a sizable amount of Tampan’s this week as Hurricane Ian has still left thousands without electricity. “There’s just no way that God would let Freddie’s family have power and not mine.” Said Walter Winston, father of 18 in Pinellas County.  “That guys a jackass, I’m a good…

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Fucking Piss Shit Cock Cunt Assholes, God Dammit

Fuck You

Shit fuck cock balls and dick hole torture, the God Damn shit fuck motherfucking shit piss. “Bitch fucking, dick stick sucking,” said Cunty McBitchFuck. “Cunts! Cunts on a God Damn toilet bowl overflowing with shit.” McBitchFuck paused for a second and then added, “Fucking shit, piss on shit cock cunt.” Shitty fuck fuck shit, shit…

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