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Ted Cruz to host poker night at Seminole Hard Rock Casino

Ted Poker

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz announced yesterday that he will be hosting a high-stakes poker night at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa next month. “That’s right, it’s Ted’s Ridiculous Fun Poker Extravaganza and it is coming to Florida on July 4th!” he said. “What could be a more perfectly appropriate way to celebrate the…

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New hybrid combat sport launching in Tampa

Eye Gougers

In an effort to meet the public’s ever-increasing bloodthirst, the Eye Gouging Fighting Championship (EGFC) will host their inaugural event at the Seminole Hard Rock on July 4th. “You had boxing, kickboxing and MMA and those were all pretty good for a while, but today those things are viewed as quaint and genteel. You know,…

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Seminole Hard Rock touts ‘Safe + Sound’ sanitation guidelines

Smoking at the Hard Rock

With the Holiday Season in full swing, the operators of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa want the public to be fully aware that Tampa Bay’s only legal casino’s primary concern is the health and safety of their customers, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging. We have recently heard a spate…

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Hard Rock Casino to begin accepting blood

Hard Rock Casino in Tampa to start accepting blood

The Seminole Hard Rock Casino will now be accepting blood as a substitute for American currency when it comes to repaying debts and casino loans. “There are many times where patrons will have run out of money, however they’d like to continue gamble. We want to make our guests happy, so we let them take…

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Hard Rock Casino adds arm wrestling

Hard Rock to add Arm Wrestling to things you can bet on

Seminole Hard Rock Casino – Hillsborough County – Thursday, 8.15.19 The Seminole Hard Rock Casino now features 24-hour arm wrestling tables, where gamblers can go against each other, or the dealer. Professional bodybuilders have been hired to arm wrestle on behalf of the casino. Odds are 1-1, so if you put up $500, you can…

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