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Kyle Rittenhouse will enroll at Hillsborough Community College

Kyle at HCC

Kenosha protester shooter and acquitted murder suspect Kyle Rittenhouse Tweeted last week that he’d be attending Blinn College after contradicting claims emerged over whether he would be attending Texas A&M University this year. However, a representative for Texas A&M told news outlets that Rittenhouse wasn’t enrolled for the coming fall and summer semesters. That was…

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Pasco-Hernando State College Wins Florida Budget Lottery

During an event today, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis unveiled his $100 billion budget for Florida’s 2021-2022 session.  As part of the budget, DeSantis made it clear that it will not provide Hillsborough County with 0.000033% of the budget to fund workforce development, public school summer bridge programming, music education for children, safer crosswalks at public…

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Tampa News Force Featured on HCC The Hawkeye Newspaper

HCC’s The Hawkeye Reporter Magdalynn Pollitt Covers Tampa News Force It is a typical Friday night in the heart of Tampa, which means there is nothing typical about it. Lights from police cars can be seen outside of the  bar Franklin Manor. Is this just a routine traffic stop, or something more? Most people passing…

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