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Rays decide to wrap up ‘23 season

Following a 4-0 win over the Detroit Tigers to open the 2023 Major League Baseball season, the Tampa Bay Rays have decided that they’re done for the year. “We had great pitching and defense, obviously. I mean, we shut them out,” said Rays manager Kevin Cash. “Plus, timely hitting with power. You really can’t ask…

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Red Tide Raises Rays

Tiding Up

Following the Rays clinching the American League East Division for the second consecutive season while compiling the best regular season record in the franchise’s 23-year history, with 100 wins for the first time, many are wondering how such a thing could possibly happen, considering that the team was thought to be significantly weaker after losing…

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TNF ALCS preview: Rays-Astros

Rays Astros

After dispatching the vile New York Yankees 3-2 in the Amercian League Division Series, the next obstacle standing in the way of the Tampa Bay Rays righteous quest for World Series glory is the only professional sports team to benefit from COVID-19, the Houston Astros. The 7-game series begins with the first pitch at 7:37pm…

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Tampa Bay Area Yankees fans begin annual transition

The Tampa Bay Rays beat the New York Yankees 2-1 Friday night in San Diego to advance to the American League Championship where they’ll face the Houston Astros. The game was tied 1-1 until Mike Brosseau hit a solo home run off cheap-shot artist, wife beater and certified all-around shithead Aroldis Chapman in the bottom…

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Tampa Business Owner Digs Through Garage for Old Rays Memorabilia

Tampa Business Owner Finds Old Rays Sweatshirt

In an attempt to congratulate the Tampa Bay Rays on their playoff achievement, local business owner Manny Plaqueiao spent much of his weekend digging through his garage looking for his old Rays memorabilia to hang up around his place of business. “I went to one game this year when they had the $2 tickets,” said…

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