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Last-minute visits to CVS yield surprises for Tampa couple

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day plans took a turn for a Tampa couple after late visits to a CVS. “I’ve been trying to break up with this chick for a while and she’s just not getting the hint,” said Jake Blacher. “I decided I would just do the most basic, cheap Valentine’s Day date possible and she would…

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Government agency certifies Tampa man as “officially ineligible” for love

No Love For You

After an exhaustive review, Florida’s Department of Relationship Worthiness has determined that Carl Kroboks of Tampa is “officially ineligible” for love. “This does not mean he can’t date. We can’t restrict his right to do that, if he wants to”, said department spokesperson Sharon Quarley, who is decidedly not interested in Mr. Kroboks. “Although, there’s…

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