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Stoned teenager disrupts group’s paint party

Paint Party

A group of friends in South Tampa had their annual holiday gathering at Painting With A Twist interrupted by a teenager under the influence of some illicit substance. “He ruined it”, said Carol Kern, one of the group’s participants. “We look forward to this every year and this uninvited bozo just shows up and wrecks…

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CDC to employ Jackass tactics to get vax numbers up


With COVID cases spurred by the Delta variant on the rise in Florida, the Center for Disease Control is employing some unconventional methods to get more residents vaccinated. The original cast of MTV’s prank comedy show “Jackass” will re-unite and will travel around the state, tricking people into getting vaccinated. “We don’t know if this…

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Local stock expert believes Taco Bus could be ‘the next GameStop’

Pete McGwinnity of South Tampa, an active user of Reddit and a stock trader since last Friday believes that Tampa-based fast ‘food’ chain Taco Bus could be the next stock to suddenly become severely overvalued. “What we’ve seen from the recent performance in GameStop’s stock is nothing short of remarkable”, he said. “And if there’s…

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