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St. Pete man ready to start being afraid of children

Grant Ligwitz of St. Petersburg has come to the realization that he might be at the point in his life where he should start being afraid of children. “I’m not old by any means, but I’m also not getting any younger,” he said. “I’m 38!” He said the idea occurred to him on a recent…

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St. Pete man assaulted for misidentifying dog


Pete Wieters of St. Petersburg was punched in the face yesterday for misidentifying the breed of a woman’s dog. “She had a really cute dog and all I did was ask her if it was a Frenchy, a French Bulldog,” he said. “Next thing I know, she clocks me.” “I get that all the time…

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St. Pete man glad that grooming is now frowned upon


Rich Glombcroft of St. Petersburg is relieved that most people take a dim view of grooming now days. “I’ve been telling people for years that brushing your teeth, clipping your toenails and washing your hair as well as your whole body is not only a waste of time but a crime against nature,” said Glombcroft…

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St. Pete man hung up on ethnic origin of Fibonacci sequence


Ted Henderson, a student majoring in Economics at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg was recently thrown off track by something that came up in one of his classes and he has not been able to resolve it or move on from it. “I just don’t know what to think,” he said. “This changes everything.” The…

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