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Tampa gamer surprised to learn John Madden was a real person


11-year-old Dieter Duckworth of Tampa was shocked and saddened by the news that NFL Hall of Fame coach and media personality John Madden died, mostly because he had no idea that the video games he loves so much were named after a living person. “That was an actual guy? Seriously?”, Duckworth said upon learning this…

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Video game ad character looking for new career

An anonymous avatar who appears in advertisements for a video game is frustrated with his job and wants to explore new opportunities. “It seemed like a good gig when I signed up. Pretty easy and the money was okay”, he says. “But it’s not fulfilling or challenging. I really feel like I could be doing…

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Depressed gamer’s obvious pleas for help ignored

Chris Mozzler of Temple Terrace, who plays Call of Duty under the name “Frenzeee867” has been sending very obvious signs through his game play that he’s severely depressed, signs that have thus far been ignored and even mocked by fellow gamers. “Yeah, I play with him sometimes. He sucks,” says Gavin DeLira (YaMomsNutz121212) “We’ll be…

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Dunedin woman misses obvious relationship metaphors in video game

Woman misunderstands video game messages

Katherine Kemler of Dunedin does not understand why her boyfriend keeps killing her avatar when they play the popular video game, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”. Matthew Davis, also of Dunedin, kills Kemler almost every time they play the game, often several times within an evening of gameplay. “He thinks it’s like the funniest thing…

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