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Bars, good and terrible, prepare to re-open tomorrow

The Local

The state of Florida ban on bars opening ends Monday morning at 12:01AM, finally allowing local watering holes to resume operating and hopefully generate revenue and bring some service industry employees back to work. During the ban that was put in place back in March as a result of quarantine measures related to the COVID-19…

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Carrollwood man just really wants to eat dog food

Brandon Salazar of Carrollwood has wanted his not-quite-secret desire to eat dog food to be socially acceptable for a long time and believes that increasingly desperate attempts to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic might finally make that possible. “Hear me out; dogs can’t get The ‘Rona, right? And what do dogs eat? Dog food,”…

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Swingers buffet opens in Carrollwood

Buffet for swingers opens up

Tastee’s Diner – Carrollwood – Sunday, 7.23.19 A new swingers buffet opened in Carrollwood and it’s sent the neighborhood in a tizzy. Yum Yum’s Happy Diner a.k.a. “Tastee’s Diner” has opened its first franchise in Tampa, and they’ve chosen Carrollwood due to its promiscuous nature. Carrollwood locals are intrigued because they love the idea of…

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