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Discrimination alleged in wrongful termination suit brought against Tampa News Force


An editor who was recently relieved of duties with Tampa News Force (TNF) is bringing a lawsuit against the organization, alleging they were terminated due to discriminatory practices. “That is patently false,” said Gunther Feindselige-Umgebung, Vice President of Human Resource Operations. “This decision was made entirely due to substandard work performance, nothing more, nothing less.…

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Publix to begin carpetbagging groceries

Carpet Bagger

A new bagging policy at Publix is causing some concerns with customers who are not sure what “carpetbagging” means. “From what I’ve gathered in my quick Google search, it’s some political term,” said Publix bagger Jeni Richards. “They didn’t really train us on it, so I brought this strip of carpet from my house and…

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8-Week Bathroom Attendant Program Now Enrolling at USF

USF Bathroom Attendant

For those seeking a career change, USF has announced a series of 8-week certificates for employees looking to get started in a new field. “This is our first test program, and we look forward to staffing many of the current vacant bathroom attendant positions in Tampa,” said USF Bathroom Attendant Program Director, Stanki Pharts.  “Before…

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