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Desperate Florida schools turn to student teachers


Florida schools are facing a major staffing crisis, with over a thousand unfilled positions in Hillsborough County alone, where the school year began yesterday. As a result, they are turning to the school’s students themselves as a last resort. “We tried to recruit unqualified military veterans. That didn’t work. We’ve tried everything, every possible option,”…

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Preschool evacuated after loud fart

Farty Boy

Hillsborough Heights Elementary School was momentarily evacuated after loud flatulence from a student was confused as an explosion. A boy in third period science class released a compounded amount of gas originating from accidentally getting fed two breakfasts that morning. “My parents are fighting and had forgotten that the other one had made me breakfast…

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“Blow Jobs for Bullies” program begins in Hillsborough Schools

Empty Playground because kids keep committing suicide because they aren't allowed to hang out at the playground

A new program which aims to fellate the most troubled students is now underway in Hillsborough County schools. “Blow Jobs for Bullies,” a program started by philanthropist and motivational speaker, Reba Orchester, was the brain child of a group of community workers who all had similar experiences with bullies who were sexually frustrated and stressed…

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