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FDOT closes MLK roads throughout Florida

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has closed all streets, roads, boulevards and avenues named after the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King throughout the state immediately. “To be clear, we want to make sure everyone knows this is not an edict that came down from the Governor as a stance against Critical Road Theory,” said…

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TNF agrees with Rick Scott!

Rick Scott Go Bucs

In a pretty much unprecedented occurrence, Tampa News Force actually agrees wholeheartedly with the sentiment expressed by Florida Senator Rick Scott yesterday on Twitter… We agreed with it because we at Tampa News Force are huge, unabashed, dedicated supporters of our World Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, just as we are of all Tampa Bay Area…

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Every Street in America to be Temporarily Named after Martin Luther King Jr. for 24 Hours

To commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., every single street in America will temporarily be named after the civil rights activist for the next 24-hours.  “We must recognize the great sacrifices that were made and the people who helped our country progress forward in meaningful ways,” said historian and well-intentioned social scientist, Prence Michaels. “Unfortunately…

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Martin Luther WingHouse opens for black history month

Kinghouse Girls

A WingHouse in Clearwater has changed it’s sign to read “Martin Luther WingHouse” in commemoration of black history month. Through the month of February the location will offer special items on it’s menu to honor Dr. King such as the, “I have a dream” chicken basket which will include a mixture of white and black…

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