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Every Street in America to be Temporarily Named after Martin Luther King Jr. for 24 Hours

To commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., every single street in America will temporarily be named after the civil rights activist for the next 24-hours. 

“We must recognize the great sacrifices that were made and the people who helped our country progress forward in meaningful ways,” said historian and well-intentioned social scientist, Prence Michaels. “Unfortunately this will be a logistical nightmare for our navigation systems.”

For the next 24-hours every single street, avenue, highway, place, park, crossing, road, circle, alley, and boulevard will be named after the MLK.  Google Maps and Apple Maps are warning users to rely on pre-existing directions, and to plan their trips a day in advance before all the names are switched.

“We understand people need to get to places, but this is also a holiday and we must celebrate it as such,” said Tampa City Councilman and man pretending to not be racist, Mulvhar Protaigainasté. “I love MLK and everything he has accomplished, but no one should order a pizza today.”

Everyone in America is encouraged to leave their homes and do something good for another person today.