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Clearwater woman threatens to give less than her usual 65% at work today


Amber McCambister, a sales clerk at Robust Businessmakers Inc. in Clearwater has to work today, Labor Day, and is not happy about it. “This is bullshit”, she said. “Everybody in the world has the day off today, except for me and hospitality workers, emergency service providers, some medical professionals, people who work in agriculture and…

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Tampa man is going to miss his Zoom background

Zoom meeting

Rich Strikeforce of Tampa is returning to work in his office at Systematic Business Systems Inc. in downtown Tampa for the first time in over two years and is really sad about no longer working from home. “This sucks. I don’t mean having to go back to the office, per se; I don’t mind working…

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Office microwave way too f***ing hot

Food Too Hot

Mark Chapel, a clerk at United Business Logistics in downtown Tampa, has declared that the microwave oven in the company’s break room is “way too fucking hot”. “Jesus Christ, this is fucking ridiculous! Fuck!!” He yelled, upon taking one bite of some re-heated pepperoni pizza he had brought in from home to eat for lunch.…

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Clearwater woman’s mask violates office dress code

Denim mask

Lisa Hooverville, a clerk at United Clerk Services Co. in Clearwater, was sent home early this past Thursday for violating the office’s dress code because of the denim face mask she was wearing. “There’s a very strict rule about having to wear masks and I fully support that. I live with my grandmother and her…

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Office Worker Hates New Fresh Air Scent In Restrooms

Man at his office hates the scent of the air freshner

Gary Humboldt, who does something for one of the companies that has offices on one of the upper floors in the Bank of America building, hates the new vanilla-scented air freshener the building’s housekeeping staff has started using in the restrooms. “The first time I smelled it, I was like ‘Woah!’” Says Humboldt. “I thought…

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