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Tampa man who works on top floor thinks he’s better than other people


Kevin Arlow, who works an office job in the Henderson Building on Tyler Street in downtown Tampa, seems to believe his office on the top floor of the building is somehow reflective of his status in life compared to other people.

“Hi. What floor?” he said to someone who got on the elevator at the same time he did. “Two? Oof! That’s it? Okay, I guess.”

“What’s it like down there? Pretty miserable, I’d guess. Not like the top floor, that’s for sure”, he said. “That’s where I’m headed; all the way up. No stopping me, no sir.”

“You know, the city is so beautiful from up there. It’s breathtaking, really”, he added. “Everything looks so small beneath me from up there, which it is, literally, when you think about it.”

“Well, have a good one. Try to, at least,” he said, as the person got off at the second floor.

The doors closed and the elevator continued to the third floor, where Arlow got off, since the Henderson Building is a three-story structure.

Clark Brooks

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