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Mayor Kriseman asks protesters to utilize ‘call ahead’ seating


As protests continue in St. Petersburg, with more expected this weekend, Mayor Rick Kriseman is taking steps to lower tensions and minimize unpleasant confrontations between diners, protesters and counter-protesters. “It’s perfectly understandable that people are outraged by the ongoing systemic racism in our society, as most recently evidenced by the outcome of the trial of…

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Protests in downtown Tampa getting personal

A group of women gathered outside of Tampa city hall this afternoon to make themselves heard on an issue that’s very important to them. Identifying themselves as Women Not Named Karen Who Resent Being Called Karen (WNNKWRBCK), they want the public to know that they’re not ashamed of their behavior during a spate of recent…

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DeSantis mobilizes Cigar Army to deal with protests

In response to ongoing demonstrations protesting the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has activated the Cigar Army to assist in civil defense efforts. Presumably, DeSantis is referring to devotees of ‘The Cigar Dave Show’, a virtually unlistenable talk radio program hosted by ‘Cigar Dave’ Zeplowitz…

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