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Exposure to Senator Rick Scott Cited as Leading Cause of Monkeypox

MonkeyPox Rick

During a recent survey of people infected with Monkeypox, over 85% of respondents said that the Florida Senator, Rick Scott, was the last person they had physically come in contact with before experiencing symptoms. “I met him at a press event, and we hooked up,” said Everett Estreya, a 27-year-old intern for CNN.  “After he…

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Senator Rick Scott suddenly cares for humanity

Rick Scott cares

In a move which has surprised the state of Florida, its current acting Senator, Rick Scott, has suddenly decided he cares for the well-being of others and wants the best for all people under his governance. “I know it seems like most things I’ve done in my life have been motivated by monetary purposes, and…

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Rick Scott Gives His Two Weeks Notice, Leaving Senate

Rick Scott quits the Senate

Citing the passage of a socialist inspired bill that will provide poor Americans assistance during the current crisis, Florida Senator Rick Scott has put in his two weeks notice and is leaving the U.S. Senate. “I can’t in good conscious support the communist socialist agenda being touted by President Donald Trump,” said Scott, who made…

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