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White man accused of being white

Mike Claypot of St. Petersburg is recovering from being accused of being white. Claypot, who is white, was discussing popular music with a group of friends who just happen to be African-American because all of their parents just happen to be African-Americans. Amid references to Drake, Chance the Rapper and The Weeknd, Claypot interjected and…

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Black Herstory Month and Black Themstory Month declared to be celebrated


Following Black History Month, 2 more months celebrating black excellence, “Black Herstory Month” and “Back Themstory Month” have been declared to recognize the achievements of black women and black trans people. “There’s only so much time in February to talk of all of black people’s accomplishments, it’s necessary we have more time to celebrate the…

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Seffner man creates movement that says White People are pretty good


Andy Prelwitz of Seffner has launched a new social movement that seeks to promote and elevate the achievements and interests of Caucasian people. “Am I a White Supremacist? Ha ha! Heck no! Far from it,” he said. “If anything, I’m a White Prettygoodacist.” “Am I saying that Michael Jordan isn’t the greatest basketball player of…

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Lightning Player Scores During White Power Play

White Power Play

A Tampa Bay Lightning player was recently out at a White Supremacist production of Midsummers Nights Dream and he was happy to report that he got laid. “Yeah I’m not racist, but she was down to fuck,” said lightning goalie Anders Nilsson. “I hope you don’t actually publish this story, the headline is really bad…

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