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Plant abuse up among Tampa Bay residents

Covered Plants

The recent cold weather has exposed inhumane treatment by Tampa Bay residents. Tampa Bay plantologist, Shelbert Herring, noticed people covering their outdoor plants with blankets. Herring remarked “this is only the first step. We can’t forget about the pillows. What about also offering them some hot cocoa?” “Covering your plants with blankets without pillows can…

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Metal Detector Studs invade Clearwater Beach


A new group of guys has taken over at Clearwater beach. All of the hot young girls are flocking to these studs. Formerly body builders, rock stars, surfers, cool college guys and investment bankers with porsches used to attract attention. Now a group of middle aged men have become the talk of all the hotties.…

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Kevin Cash admits why he removed Blake Snell from the World Series

Kevin Cash brainfart

Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash finally admitted why he removed starting pitcher Blake Snell after giving up just two hits through five and a third innings in the ultimately decisive Game 6 of the World Series against the eventual champions, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Cash said, “I misunderstood the format of the World Series.…

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Safety Harbor businessman hires Hackers

Hackers Helping

Safety Harbor businessman , Wilbur Harrington, recently read an article about computer passwords. He had never realized how easy they were to hack. If you have 13 characters uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuations and symbols the average hacker can break your password in under a minute. Harrington pondered this and thought, “my passwords only have a…

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Independent Kayaker Stranded in Alligator Lake

Wilbur Harrington had a few difficult experiences kayaking in Tampa Bay. He recently discovered a beautiful kayaking lake in Safety Harbor called Alligator Lake. This morning he left early to enjoy nature, peace and quiet. He was only going for an hour so the only supplies he needed were a water bottle and two hats…

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Rays New Stadium Approved

Rays New Stadium Approved The Tampa Bay area finally has an approved plan for a new baseball stadium. The stadium will be an iconic and unique floating stadium on Tampa Bay. The plan was announced this morning at a press conference at Major League Baseball’s headquarters. Sports fans all over the Bay Area are breathing…

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A Dangerous Day of Kayaking in Tampa Bay

Wilbur Harrington departed from Philippe Park April 29th at 9 am. It was a beautiful 72 degrees. Since there was an 8 mph breeze from the East, he decided to head right into the breeze and go East 2 miles to Oldsmar. He paddled 30 minutes, and he was there. He decided to get out…

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