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Grady Judd takes side gig delivering pizza

Pasco County Sheriff Grady Judd has taken on a part-time job as a delivery person for the newly opened Jerry’s Pizza on 19 in New Port Richey. “After Andrew Tate and his brother were arrested in Romania when he released a video of himself enjoying some Jerry’s Pizza in response to a battle with a…

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Crunchwrap Supreme Court, Taco Bell launches own judiciary system

Sovereign Taco Bell

If you frequent Taco Bell you may be deemed legally, Doritos Locos, after the franchise has declared all 7,235 of its locations as sovereign nations with their own sets of laws and regulations. Sparked by citizens rising want for abortions, Taco Bell realized that if it operated as its own country, it would be able…

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5-Star chef unwinds with gigs at Waffle House

Waffle House Chef

Rance Renaud, the world renowned head chef at Tampa’s swank eatery Chez Gaufre in South Tampa, likes to pop in after hours and serve as a line cook at the Waffle House at 4459 W. Hillsborough once in a while. “It feels good to get back to my roots. It calms me,” said Chef Renaud.…

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This week’s public school lunch menus


As a public service to the millions of parents to school-age children in the Tampa Bay region who read our site every single day, Tampa News Force proudly presents what the kids will be eating for lunch at school this week. You know, for planning purposes. Enjoy! CITRUS COUNTY Monday, October 3: Tater Thots Tuesday,…

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Surly barista hates serving your dog

Surly Barista

19-year-old Caroline Schwartz of Temple Terrace hates everything about her job at Starbucks, but really hates having to make ‘pup cups’ for patrons who have dogs. “It’s bad enough that I have to do what people tell me, like, they’re better than me and I have to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ because I’m paid…

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Cracker Barrel caught force-feeding “Woke” agenda to conservative patrons via fake meat

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc., commonly known as simply Cracker Barrel, the American chain of restaurant and gift stores which features a Southern country theme and serves as a bastion of extreme left-wing politics, has recently added so-called “Impossible” sausage, a plant-based protein meat substitute to their menu, meaning everyone who dines there has…

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No winners declared at last night’s BKFC event


Following the Burger King Fighting Challenge that occurred last night at the Burger King at 7450 E. Hillsborough in Tampa, the location’s manager said that there were no winners. “It’s safe to say nobody won”, Keith Dunkirk said. “Because they were all losers.” “For starters, the brawl began when a customer got fries instead of…

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Uber Eats order receiver expects to be tipped

Uber Eats

Henry Gzzrnrsh of St. Petersburg frequently receives Uber Eats deliveries on behalf of his co-workers and is miffed that he is rarely offered a gratuity for the service he provides. “Granted, I didn’t make the food or even pick it up from where it came from. But if not for me, it would sit there…

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