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Tampa’s Confederate Memorial Park bequeathed to Chuck D

Marion L and Chuck D

Marion Lambert, the man responsible for flying the gigantic Confederate flag just south of the junction of the I-4 and I-75 interstates, died last week after an accident occurred on his farm. Lambert owned the property where the 139-foot high flagpole that flew the 30′ by 50′ battle flag, the second largest of its kind…

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Hideous monument commemorating treason, racism and failure removed

The enormous confederate battle flag that was placed prominently near the junction of I-75 and I-4 some time ago for some dumb and probably hateful reason has been taken down, following threats by protesters to burn it.  “A lot of people want to see the banner honoring our, not their, glorious heritage removed, but that’s…

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Rick Scott Defends his Confederate Flag Face Tattoo

Rick Scott defends his confederate flag face tattoo

Ybor Tattoo Shop on 7th – Hillsborough County – Wednesday, 5.30.2019 While on a trip to Ybor City to promote hurricane preparedness, Senator Rick Scott decided to get inked by legendary tattoo artist, MarcoEllis Phillifes. “When he came into my shop, I saw a beautiful canvas,” said Phillifes, a third-generation tattoo artist from Ybor City.…

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Additional hate groups apply for giant flag placement along I-75

I-4 and I-75 – Hillsborough County – Thursday, 1.17.2019 The giant confederate flag that flies on the I-75 interstate highway near Brandon has been drawing attention for years, now it’s being noticed by hate groups who want their flags to get similar attention. “Them boys are doing fine work, but if people think they’re the…

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