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True Crime fans lament ending of popular local story

Crime Scene

Tampa Bay Area followers of the Gabby Petito Story are upset and disappointed with what appears to be the story’s final chapter. “Easily the worst ending since ‘Dexter‘”, said Connie Leewurst of St. Petersburg. “The villain is just… dead, I guess? Lame!” “As much time and emotion as we all invested in this saga and…

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Tampa man helping to develop new identification system

Bradley Beardsley, a software engineer in Tampa, is aiding the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in creating a new means of identifying people. “Everyone is familiar with facial recognition software but that technology has been largely negated by the wearing of face coverings in the age of COVID”, he said. “Even places like banks…

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New radical fringe group forms in Tampa

Boomer Boys

A group of potential troublemakers has been spotted holding meetings at a popular Tampa gathering spot and authorities are concerned. “They haven’t actually done anything noteworthy… yet”, says Tampa Bay FBI Field Supervisor Agent Espi Onaje. “But we’re keeping an eye on them and we’ll make our move if and when the situation escalates. Americans…

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FBI opening branch office in Downtown Tampa

FBI office opens in Downtown Tampa

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced they have purchased the Oriental Express restaurant at 510 E. Jackson Street for the purpose of turning it into a new branch office.  “There are a lot of exciting developments taking place downtown and we want to be a part of that,” says FBI spokesman Gil Ranger.  The…

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