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Adderall Shortage Grips Nation—Here’s How To Still Get It!


Adderall. On the street, they call it blue girl. Neytiri. Smurfette. Megamind’s mama. Uncle Papaw’s Old Time Thinkin’ Powder. Diet Coke.  You blast one line of ‘Neytiri’ and they say it’s like having Sihelu with yourself. They probably also have nicknames for the orange ones, but they don’t prescribe me those.  And there’s a shortage.  Protests have…

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Tampa Zoo to deploy controversial new advertising slogan: “What exactly do you think happens to the animals if you stop coming here?”


ZooTampa At Lowry Park, Tampa Bay’s local zoo, has stirred up recent controversy with is recent campaign: “What exactly do you think happens to the animals if you stop coming here?”. Critics claim the slogan elicits fear on behalf of the animals. Here’s what Tampa Bay zoo visitors have to say: One local visitor to…

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Hurricane Tips for New Tampa Residents

Tampa Bay has experienced record growth in both population and cost of living this year. In light of that, here are some wonderful tips for the newcomers and carpetbaggers occupying Free Tampa. Do Not Evacuate. If you do evacuate, Hurricane Santa won’t bring you any guns. It’s just wind. Take a brisk stroll outside, or…

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To celebrate Labor Day, Tampa News Force decides to pay its staff!

tnf money

For just one special day in honor of our nations great labor history and to reward our wonderful writers for their brilliant work, multi-millionaire TV star John Jacobs, and newspaper mogul Clark Brooks have decided to hurl handfuls of loose coins from the luxurious executive balcony where editors reside down toward the alley where TNF…

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The perks of live-aboard in SW FL!

Boating and stuff

With rent sky-high, more Tampa Bay residents than ever are looking to live landlord-free aboard an anchored sailboat. You can find many fixer-upper functioning sailboats for only a few thousand or even a few hundred dollars on craigslist. Tampa News Force’s most trustworthy local News-Talker Chris Coon opens up on his experience living aboard a…

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