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Guy forgets headline, publishes article anyway

Lost Headline

I also forgot the article too. My boss is going to have his way with me when he sees this. But screw it, I don’t care anymore. What’s he going to do, fire me? He has nobody else! Literally! I look up and down my hallway and every office has cleared out! It’s me, the…

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Scientist proves that the universe is effectively meaningless


Professor Brett Powers, an astrophysicist currently teaching at Brown University has published a series of findings which have virtually rendered the universe meaningless, and humanity as, “inconsequential.” The papers follow various people’s daily lives and conduct surveys of their moods and how actions affect their realities and the world around them. After a 3-year study…

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Tampa News Force Featured on 83 Degrees Media

83 Degree’s Dyllan Furness Features Tampa News Force’s John Jacobs Creative City: Tech, architecture, design firms spur Ybor renaissance John Jacobs, a local comic and “correspondent” for the satirical Tampa News Force, who’s been doing stand up for over a decade, lives near Ybor and recognizes the district’s appeal in its cast of characters. “Ybor…

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Tampa Bay Times: Features John Jacobs and Tampa Bay Comedy

John Jacobs of Tampa News Force was recently featured on Tampa Bay Times for their coverage of the comedy open mic held every Tuesday at the Iberian Rooster in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. “There’s nothing like an audience to humble you,” says John Jacobs, 28, who co-hosts the SubCentral open mic, and who starred on…

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Million on McMuffins

John Jacobs & Stick Martin iTunes:… Million on McMuffins The market’s a shark-pit. I don’t know how to invest. I’m tryna get some interest. I gave it all to Mickey’s, and it made me feel real sickly, but I got my money quickly, baby girl, I made a million on McMuffins! Let’s leave it…

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Summer at Southside

John Jacobs & Stick MartinSummer at SouthsideAvailable on Itunes John Jacobs & Stick MartinSummer at SouthsideAvailable on Itunes

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John Jacobs and Stick Martin Set Release Date for Debut 40 Song Album Summer at Southside for December 10

Tampa, Fla. (November 30, 2017) Comedian and MTV’s “Are You The One?” and “The Challenge” star John Jacobs teamed up with veteran multi-instrumentalist and music producer Stick Martin over two years to create a comedy music album consisting of 40 songs. “Summer at Southside” is currently available for pre-order here and will be available on…

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