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Fake news reporter celebrates 500+ stories published


John Jacobs, one of the head writers at Tampa News Force, is celebrating the milestone of over 500 articles published for TNF. To help him celebrate we’re going to take a look back at some of his most popular articles: Retard baby jerks itself off using its webbed toes This article was the first one…

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Coveting thy neighbor actually good for your health


Hey! Doing that thing you’re not supposed to do is actually good for you. Yea, it’s true. You know how you compare yourself to other people are you get upset you’re not as successful as them? That’s good! Keep doing it! When you throw yourself into tantric tantrums, shattering your chakras and sending them in…

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Guy forgets headline, publishes article anyway

Lost Headline

I also forgot the article too. My boss is going to have his way with me when he sees this. But screw it, I don’t care anymore. What’s he going to do, fire me? He has nobody else! Literally! I look up and down my hallway and every office has cleared out! It’s me, the…

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