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New 656 area code for Hillsborough County goes into effect today


As more and more people continue moving to Florida, resources are being spread thinner and thinner. One of those resources: telephone numbers. There are too many people to accommodate with the standard 813 area code. In response to the-ever growing population, the Florida Public Service Commission is launching a new area code, 656, for Tampa…

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Oldsmar man feels less safe without masks

Maskless Man

Paul Hillberry of Oldsmar says he’s glad face coverings may become mandatory again because he doesn’t feel safe in public without one. “I know for a fact that wearing a mask has protected me…”, he said. “…from getting my ass beat for all the shit I talk about people.” “When I’m at the grocery store…

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Uh oh, here come bears!


Reports have been coming into the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) of bears being seen in the Tampa Bay Area, specifically in Pinellas County. “If it’s not one thing, it’s another”, said 30-year Oldsmar resident Anton Brushfuller. “COVID was a nightmare and many businesses had to close. Thankfully, that’s ending but employers can’t…

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Bars, good and terrible, prepare to re-open tomorrow

The Local

The state of Florida ban on bars opening ends Monday morning at 12:01AM, finally allowing local watering holes to resume operating and hopefully generate revenue and bring some service industry employees back to work. During the ban that was put in place back in March as a result of quarantine measures related to the COVID-19…

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A Dangerous Day of Kayaking in Tampa Bay

Wilbur Harrington departed from Philippe Park April 29th at 9 am. It was a beautiful 72 degrees. Since there was an 8 mph breeze from the East, he decided to head right into the breeze and go East 2 miles to Oldsmar. He paddled 30 minutes, and he was there. He decided to get out…

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Uber Eats driver is most trusted healthcare professional in Tampa Bay

A recent poll of consumer satisfaction trends indicates that Ryan Milger, a delivery driver for Uber Eats, is considered the most trustworthy healthcare professional in the Tampa Bay region. “You can’t trust doctors and nurses these days,” says Beverly Rimsworth of Dunedin. “Doctors make money from people being classified as being sick. Food delivery drivers…

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Oldsmar Disappears in Sinkhole

Oldsmar disappears in sinkhole

After some light showers brought intense flooding to the streets of Oldsmar, a giant sinkhole opened up and swallowed the entire town. “I was out there recently because I have to cut through Oldsmar to get to Walmart,” said Wallris Bellymew, a Town and Country resident. “I thought the roads here were well taken care…

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