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Crunchwrap Supreme Court, Taco Bell launches own judiciary system

Sovereign Taco Bell

If you frequent Taco Bell you may be deemed legally, Doritos Locos, after the franchise has declared all 7,235 of its locations as sovereign nations with their own sets of laws and regulations. Sparked by citizens rising want for abortions, Taco Bell realized that if it operated as its own country, it would be able…

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Mons Venus discontinues attractive, young entertainers

Mons Women

Following what has become an established-but-annoying business trend, Tampa’s world famous Mons Venus “gentleman’s club” has announced that they will no longer offer young attractive women for the sake of providing entertainment to club patrons. “Yeah, we know people are going to be disappointed because the hot strippers were very popular, but we just can’t…

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Tampa selected as test market for new Taco Bell menu

Taco Bell New Menu items

After announcing they will be discontinuing their Spicy Tostada and Mexican Pizza, Taco Bell fans everywhere are disappointed to say the least. Well you’re in luck, because the restaurant just unveiled 11 new menu items out now in select testing areas Tampa, FL and Boulder, CO. They are a must-try! Can’t decide what’s for dinner?…

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