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Tampa selected as test market for new Taco Bell menu

Taco Bell New Menu items

After announcing they will be discontinuing their Spicy Tostada and Mexican Pizza, Taco Bell fans everywhere are disappointed to say the least. Well you’re in luck, because the restaurant just unveiled 11 new menu items out now in select testing areas Tampa, FL and Boulder, CO. They are a must-try!

Can’t decide what’s for dinner? Satisfy your circadian hunger cycle with all new Cinnamon Nacho Tacos! That’s right, REAL cinnamon. Available regular or breezy style!

Cinnamon Nacho Tacos

Quench your inextinguishable thirst with a signature Flavor Lazer Blast Bomb! 29 varieties— all lazer-lific. Now in Fast N’ Fire flavor!

Flavor Lazer Blast Bomb

Brunch just got mini-er with all new Mini-Bits! Goes great with a side of Twisty Sticks or Bendy Strips. Now in Jumbo size!


Long day at the beach? Cool off with some Sour Splash Squares! Refreshing, smooth, and with 400mg caffeine, it’s sure to give you a splash in the face!

Sour Splash Squares (they’re inside the bag, dummy)

Better than our best burrito yet, introducing the Mojave Tui Chub Supreme! Delicious Tui Chub flash roasted with potatoes, black beans, tomatoes, avocado, and grilled Mojave style. Try it with an Armadillo Slonker

Mojave Tui Chub Supreme

Kick off your morning right with creamy, delicious Twisty Whizler Drops! Half off during happy hour from 3:00am- 4:15am.

Twisty Whizler Drops

Not sure what to get because every other place in the airport is closed? Try Taco Bell’s Crazy Wave Wavey Raves! Now part of the Cheeze-Freeze Combo!

Crazy Wave Wavey Raves

Warm lobby globs of gooey goodness— Mushy Snacker Lobs are the perfect amount of crispy, gummy, moist-in-your-mouth mushiness you’ll be surprised is only $4.99. Looking for something lighter? Try a 5-piece Slop Gloplets.

Mushy Snacker Lobs

Looking for the perfect snack for your best party ever? Grab a bag of Spicy Icey Crack Rocks! Will be sure to have you saying “Uhhmm I’ll take another one pleease! Or ten million.” Also great for picnics.

Spicy Icey Crack Rocks

Taco Bell is also taking a conscious effort when it comes to their packaging. After competitors like Starbucks implemented a full inventory shift to paper straws in order to meet consumer interests, Taco Bell is making a complete all-store switch to bendy straws!

So what are you waiting for? Order 1 of every item on the menu today!

Taco Bell would like to inform customers that no, we do not have olives and will never have olives. Get extra tomatoes if you want. We just finished creating our signature tomato substance 10 years ago and are proudly pursuing a patent on our mostly non-sponge-based tomato food.

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  1. Avatar Jeffy Pop on October 10, 2020 at 8:12 pm

    These items are both hilarious and could be real, right? The great pictures really drew me in! I want to try a lot of these items…too bad still no olives though.

  2. Avatar Mileva Maric on October 11, 2020 at 5:52 pm

    I want a picture of an Armadillo Slonker! Great menu!