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Tampa man asks missionaries to come get religious tracts


Missionaries traveling door-to-door recently dropped off some reading material at the home of Stuart Applebaum of Tampa and he would like them to come back and get them.

“I came home and found all these little booklets on my doorstep,” he said. “I didn’t want them, but they looked like they were very professionally produced and not cheap, so I looked on the back, found out what church they were from, called and asked them to come get them.”

“I was shocked to learn that they didn’t want them,” he said.

Following is a transcript between Mr. Applebaum and the church…

STUART APPLEBAUM (SA): Hi. You left some literature at my house and I don’t want it, so you can come and pick it up.
CHURCH (C): Oh, that’s okay it’s yours to keep.
SA: Yeah, but like I said, I don’t want it.
C: Sir, if you don’t want it, just throw it away.
SA: Throw it away?? I presume there’s valuable info in there for someone. It seems wasteful to just throw it in the trash.
C: It is valuable. The most valuable information you’ll ever come across on this earth.
SA: Okay then. So just send your guys back out here to get it. I’ll put it in a plastic Publix bag so it doesn’t get rained on and leave it on my porch.
C: We’re not sending anybody back out.
SA: Why not? It was worth your time to send them here in the first place. What’s changed?

Anyway, Stuart Applebaum has some religious info that he doesn’t want and he said whoever wants it can have it.

Clark Brooks

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