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Tampa woman just found out she hates her favorite co-worker


Sarah Abernathy, who works at Downtown Office in downtown Tampa, just found out that her favorite co-worker and the one that she can’t stand are the same person.

“I love working with John. He’s so laid back and really funny,” she said. “But then there’s this other guy, John who I only know from his emails which are always so condescending and demanding and I hate him.”

“I just found out that they’re the same John!”

Abernathy has worked with both Johns, since they are the same person, for about three years.

“I guess I never complained about John to John before, so he never gave me a chance to figure it out,” she said.

This past Friday, John sent an email about some incomplete projects in which he questioned the rest of the office’s commitment, work ethic, competency and general level of intelligence.

“Everybody except John was pretty annoyed. He wasn’t bothered by it all,” she said. “It suddenly began to dawn on me and I asked him what his last name was. He replied, ‘well, that’s a pretty stupid question’ and I knew it was him without him even answering the question.”

Abernathy says she feels betrayed and foolish.

“How could I have been so blind? I should have realized that the same things I found so funny in person were there in the emails, only used to insult and degrade people,” she said. “So John’s a prick. But what does this say about me?”

Clark Brooks

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