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Three great shows you can’t even watch anymore: a guide

Three of television’s most critically acclaimed AND commercially popular series all completed their respective story arcs and have ceased production. That means you can never see them ever again. Well, there will probably be streaming and syndication deals but no more new episodes. Here’s a guide to what you missed/are missing by someone who never watched any of them.

BARRY – SNL alumni and master impressionist Bill Herndon wrote, directed and starred in this crime drama where a master impressionist tries to solve crimes with only his ability to mimic famous people named Barry (Manilow, Sanders, Gibb, Williams, Levinson, Bonds and many, many others… actually, that’s all of them).

Bill Herndon as Barry in “Barry”

TED LASSO – “Ted, Lasso. Lasso, Ted.” That’s how two unlikely partners were introduced to one another in this crime drama starring SNL alumni Jason Sparticus, who fights crime by teaming up with a sentient piece of rope.

Jason Sparticus as Ted in “Ted Lasso”

SUCCESSION – This crime drama stars no SNL alumni but is about people wearing suits who fight crime while wearing suits. FUN FACT: The necktie budget on this show exceeded $8 million. ADDITIONAL FUN FACT: “Succession” and “Suck Session” are pronounced exactly the same but yield wildly different results when entered into Google searches.

SNL alumni Craig Farley if he had been on “Succession”

Well, that’s it for three great shows you can’t even watch anymore. Nothing to do now but wait for the new season of “Breaking Bad”.

Clark Brooks

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