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Concealed Carry Fashion Tips for New Florida Gun Owners

Ron DeSantis Waving a Gun Around in Front of Children

Starting on July 1, 2023, permitless carry will be legal in the State of Florida.

With the passage of the recent Constitutional Carry law, legal gun owners in Florida will no longer be required to register for a concealed carry license or required to take a class on gun safety or know how to use a gun.  So today, we are looking at the best things to wear while carrying a gun in public, the permitless way.

5. Eddie Bauer EB608 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt

If you’re not already packing when rocking one of these, I’ll personally visit you and gift you a gun you can carry around in public.  If you own and wear this style of shirt, and you live in Florida, you need to carry a gun. You’re the first line of defense against communism!

4. Flannel

The hottest trend for the summer is wearing thick long sleeve flannel that can provide a nice cover for a variety of concealed objects. Opt for one without a front pocket, because you won’t need to put a permit or anything in there.

3. Bikinis

If you are wearing a bikini, no one will notice that you are holding a gun in public legally, because you don’t need to carry a permit anymore.

2. Gimp Mask

These Full Head Hood Restraints are one of the best things to wear this summer. When it’s 90 degrees out, and humidity is at 100 degrees, these things will save your life if you’re out and about carrying a gun legally in public.

1. A Big Ol’ Tophat

Fool everyone into thinking you’re rich! With this top hat technique, you will no longer have to carry your gun legally in your pants anymore. Simply have a custom Top Hat made with internal gun holsters that have the gun site nicely atop your head.  With the convenience of the hat, you can simply reach for your hat and take out anyone that is about to commit some violent criminal act.

Fashion No’s While Carrying a Gun in Public in a Permitless Way

Shoe Guns

Unless you are an assassin with expert-level foot aim, please don’t wear shoe guns. They are prone to misfiring and the more powerful gun shoe varieties can cause foot damage from the recoil.

Hawaiian Shirts

Carrying a gun while wearing a Hawaiian shirt is only reserved for people who sell drugs.  And not just any drugs. The big drugs. The people that push thousands of pounds of drugs and traffic it internationally. Those kinds of drug dealers can carry a gun. If you are not that, then you might be mistaken for one and be taken out by an enemy cartel.


Put some real clothes on if you’re gonna be carrying a gun!

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