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Tampa Surgeon Regrets These Five Surgeries

Tampa Surgeon Regrets these surgeries

Dr. Rey Atrocito is Tampa’s most highly regarded plastic surgeon.  In a career that has spanned four decades, Dr. Atrocito has performed countless augmentations, lifts, and injections to some of the richest and most powerful people in the World who travel for his work.  We sat down with Dr. Atrocito to count down his five…

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Coveting thy neighbor actually good for your health


Hey! Doing that thing you’re not supposed to do is actually good for you. Yea, it’s true. You know how you compare yourself to other people are you get upset you’re not as successful as them? That’s good! Keep doing it! When you throw yourself into tantric tantrums, shattering your chakras and sending them in…

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Colonoscopy goes viral after doctor does this!


Nothing. It’s a lie. I lied to you. I’m sorry. I don’t like lying, I think it’s bad, I don’t think people should do it, lord knows I shouldn’t do it. But you know what? Times are tough for everyone and sometimes the only way to make your nut is to spin tales to strangers.…

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This 5-letter word can cure cancer

Top Secret

Money The word is money. With money you can afford the best healthcare in the world, and even secret, exclusive treatment that other people don’t receive. You know, the stuff that actually works, that they reserve specifically for the most wealthy elites in the world. If Magic Johnson can beat Aids in the 80’s, (like…

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Adderall Shortage Grips Nation—Here’s How To Still Get It!


Adderall. On the street, they call it blue girl. Neytiri. Smurfette. Megamind’s mama. Uncle Papaw’s Old Time Thinkin’ Powder. Diet Coke.  You blast one line of ‘Neytiri’ and they say it’s like having Sihelu with yourself. They probably also have nicknames for the orange ones, but they don’t prescribe me those.  And there’s a shortage.  Protests have…

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10 things I wish were told to me as a child


Everyone is full of shit Everyone, including yourself, is a hypocritical, compulsive liar. Sometimes because you want to make people happy, sometimes for personal gain. Politicians, parents, teachers (as George Carlin said) all full of shit. People want things at all times. Very few people on earth are rarely at rest or are fully satisfied…

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Is breathing good for you? 5 signs that it might not be


Most people would consider breathing good for your health. But these side-effects might prove that it’s not. Last Breath Before you die you take your “last breath.” If you didn’t breathe you would never have a last breath and you would never die. Breathing ages you, and passes time. When time passes, you get closer…

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Straight or gay – What feels better?

Straight or Gay

Sexuality is not binary. It also does not need to be permanent. It can change by how you feel on a daily basis. In this article we will put heterosexuality against homosexuality and compare the pros and cons. Straight Sexuality in the biblical sense, between a man and a woman, has been the classic since…

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How to reverse puberty

Reverse aging

As you get older, you might realize you don’t enjoy the changes your body goes through, or any part of the aging process in general. Well luckily for you, science has found steps you can take to actually reverse the process of puberty and regenerate yourself back to your childlike existence. Follow these directions for…

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Top 5 Common Household Items THAT CAN KILL YOU

Household killers

The world is a violent and dangerous place. Your life is in danger anytime you venture out into it. Highly contagious diseases, mass shootings, crazy traffic. Most of us experience a huge sense of relief upon arriving home at the end of the day. But that’s a false sense of security; your home is a…

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