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Tampa General Hospital Patient Gets Poked One Too Many Times 

During a stay at Tampa General Hospital, patient Randy Cludderston decided that he had enough of being poked and prodded by hospital staff. 

“Ow. Ow!! Ooowww!!,” he exclaimed, upon being awakened at 3:53am this morning to have blood drawn yet again. “Goddamnit, that’s enough. You drew blood last night and the night before that. How much of my blood could you possibly need?!? What kind of place is this? Can I just have a couple of hours where someone isn’t jabbing me or asking me questions?!?”

Continuing to rant, he said, “You’re always asking what my level of pain is zero to ten; you wanna know what my pain level is right now? It’s 1000. It was zero until just now but  enough is enough. I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

Ineda Fernandez, the nurse who woke him up to do her job, shrugged and said, “some patients are just assholes,” and continued just doing her damn job. 

Clark Brooks

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