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Richest people on earth change laws to benefit them the most

The Rich

This isn’t news of course right? It’s been this way literally from the beginning of time. The people with the most resources get the most blah blah blah, nobody cares, we’ve heard it a million times.

And I’m not even cynical! I love the way everything is, it’s led me to the position I’m in right now. Soooo you know. Just wanted to stop by and remind you that you have no chance to change anything and that you’re always going to be stuck in the matrix. Unless you’re at the very top. That would be nice if anybody with a billion dollars ever read this. I wonder if anything I’ve ever written has been viewed by a billionaire. That would be kinda cool right! It would be like I’m associated with a billionaire through osmosis or proxy or whatever. 

By proxy. That’s a phrase I feel like I’ve heard. Not sure exactly what it means, but it sounds like it would mean the thing I’m trying to describe.

I don’t know.

I just thought the headline was funny, to write it like that.

As if it’s “new” you know?

Cause, as we all know, obviously, it’s not.

Also, “cause” isn’t supposed to be used the way I just used it, like an abbreviation of “because,” but I did it anyway.

Because I want a taste of that billionaire lifestyle. Existing beyond the rules. Existing beyond the set limits we live in. Here watch this. I’m just going to type gibberish and numbers and consider it a sentence.

2jofer0j9eh8rf034fjw9pergjwp0rej f3ji04fj309erj jf39fj 390fjeriw09jepgfrg.

Wow, that felt dirty! I know it’s not right! But I did it anyway! And there’s nothing you can do now. 

Unless you have the article taken down, in which case you win, and I lose. But that’s fine, it doesn’t deter me, I’m used to mass rejection. 

I live a life full of failures but it has yet to truly damper my flame. I think.

I don’t know maybe it has.

Who knows, right!

I should. Maybe?

Well, I can tell you I feel fine, soooo, you know, self-diagnostic check complete! Hahaha. I’m so funny! I crack me up! For real! Kind of. Sometimes. A few times, every now and then. One time I laughed. I’ve laughed once in my life maybe. I have to have, right? Everyone laughs at least once? So I must have as well…

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