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How to spend Christmas

It’s Christmas Day and somehow, you’ve gotten here without making plans for what to do. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s every way there is for you to spend Christmas if you don’t already have plans.  1. Be with family and friends, all the people who love and cherish you Yeah. Okay. Sure. If…

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Rick Scott visited by 300 million ghosts

Rick Scrooge

Senator Rick Scott of Florida experienced an unsettling Christmas Eve, as he was visited by some 300 million ghosts, each representing a dollar he stole from Medicare while CEO of Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp. “BooOOOoooOOoo! I’m a ghost but could have been so much more; I could have gone to pay for someone’s medical treatment!!”, said…

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Tampa dog approves of Christmas

Christmas Dog

Piccolo, a Corgi who lives near Oldsmar, has decided that Christmas is pretty good. “I can’t speak for all dogs, but I think it’s nice”, he said. “I know some dogs hate wearing the goofy outfits and that there is a lot of noise and commotion, which can cause anxiety. I get that and I…

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Low-level employee attends wrong company holiday party

Holiday Party

Due to being included in a group email by mistake, Mike Clunbgh, a shipping clerk for United Business System Analysis Coordinators, Inc. in Tampa, attended the wrong employee holiday party Saturday night. “Right company, but definitely the wrong party actually,” said Clunbgh. “Jennifer is the one who sent out the email. I guess she should…

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Tampa News Force official 2021 holiday gift guide


It’s holiday season once again, when you disappoint your loved ones with the things you buy for them instead of your actions and life choices, like the rest of the time. In an ultimately futile effort to minimize the damage you’re going to incur/cause, we proudly present the 2021 edition of the Tampa News Force…

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