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Are Doctors Curing COVID-19 Patients by Turning Them Gay?

What is the real cure to Coronavirus?

While investigating an unrelated news tip, Tampa News Force discovered a secret group of doctors who are attempting to cure COVID-19 patients by forcing them to perform sexual acts with people of the same gender. “While everyone has been practicing social distancing, we have found same gender unions have experienced lower COVID-19 infection rates,” said…

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Local man has lost track of time

Time Man

“Time has no meaning for me. It’s been so long that I’ve just forgotten, I guess,” says Rerse, who’s been home from work since last Friday. “Is it the weekend? Is it a Wednesday? Is it Christmas?? I don’t know!”

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Coronavirus challenge explodes on Tik Tok


“Groups of children will circle around one of their friends and all begin coughing on them at the same time until they wake up, then they pour a bowl of bat soup onto their head and chant the lyrics of that old Busta Rhymes song, but instead of ‘Woohaa,’ they shout, ‘Wuhan!’”

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