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Tampa pharmaceutical company launches anxiety-enhancing treatment


Shakewell Pharmaceutical Laboratory, a commercial manufacturer of medicine here in Tampa has developed a new pill for those who are suffering from crippling optimism. “People have been so unhappy about so much for so long. This has become their lives and even though they’re absolutely miserable, this is their comfort zone”, said company spokesperson Kaitlyn…

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Tampa Man Does Not Understand Why He Can Not Buy Drugs on Amazon Prime

“Damn, Besos! Makes me so mad… I’m out in public, but if there was any drywall nearby, you bet your ass I’d be smashing it!!”, exclaimed Kyle Melrose, a 27-year-old professional gamer from Tampa. Melrose explained that he’d been trying to procure illegal drugs off Amazon Prime since quarantine began.  “I’ve been following all social…

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Stripper sells tits for crack

Woman sells tits for crack

A Tampa Heights stripper was caught selling her fake breasts for crack cocaine during a police sting operation. Barnetha Baily was recently released from her shift at Swingling’s Gentlemen’s Club, when she stopped at the overpass on Columbus, and attempted to cut her own breast implants out with a knife, to trade them for a…

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