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Tampa man finally nails Borat impression


Randy Pfustle of Tampa has spent the past 17 years trying to master an impression of the character Borat as created and portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohn and feels he has finally accomplished the task.

“Whew! It’s been a long time! But totally worth it,” he said in an interview from his home. “Check it out; ‘mah wife’. ‘Mah wife!’ Perfect, right?”

He said the obsession began when he saw the movie for the first time in 2006 and started calling some white guys at work ‘vanilla faces’.

“Sure, they laughed. Because white people always laugh when Black people make fun of them,” he said. “They like that they get to feel like they’re being good sports for putting up with being teased about their whiteness. Plus, I think they feel obligated to go along with it.”

“But I knew deep down in my heart that it wasn’t that good. So I worked hard on getting it better.”

“So it was ‘very nice‘ and ‘king of the castle‘ and ‘wah wah wee wah‘ around the clock, every day. But ‘mah wife‘ seemed easiest so that’s what I focused on the most,” he explained. “It’s kind of ironic because I’ve been working on it so long that I’m not even married anymore,” he added. “And that’s at least partially because I was working on the impression so intensely.”

“But again, totally worth it. People still think Borat is hilarious, right? Of course they do. I do!”

Pfustle said that now that he’s mastered Borat, he has the confidence to expand his repertoire of flawless expert mimicry by learning how to impersonate other contemporary pop culture figures.

“Check these out; ‘Tina! Eat the food! EAT THE FOOD!‘ ‘Do I make you horny, baby?‘ ‘You can’t handle the truth!‘Excuuuuse me!’ I know they need work. I have time.”

Clark Brooks

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