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Controversy surrounding statue of brainless Kennedy in convertible on Kennedy Blvd

A new round of controversy is surrounding the recently unveiled statue of former president John F. Kennedy depicted moments after assassination. But the reason might surprise you. 

The controversy stems from the sculptor of the piece, Alan Lincoln. Controversy began when internet sleuths discovered that Mr. Lincoln actually shared a birthday with a former secretary of President Kennedy. 

Furthermore, both the sculptor’s last name “Lincoln” and the former president’s last name “Kennedy” both have seven letters. Combined with the fact that construction on the sculpture began in November, the same month Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, people are starting to put two and two together. 

But the rabbit hole just goes deeper. Many eye witness reports state that there were, in fact, two sculptors working on the erection of the statue. If indeed true, this throws a logistical wrench into the stated timeline of events regarding its construction. 

While we watch this story closely, we at Tampa News Force just want to remind you that President Robert F Kennedy traveled down what is now known as Kennedy Blvd (then named Lafayette Street) three days before his assassination! That’s pretty cool. A more subtle statue of the former president can be found in Plant Park at The University of Tampa.

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