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Time traveler meets Ron DeSantis in the future

Bernadette Sandoval, a time-travelling Trans Black Hispanic nurse recently visited from the year 2063 to let us know how current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is doing.

“Not great,” she said. “When he finally conceded defeat to Trump in late 2023, he was rendered unelectable and his political career was over before he was 50-years-old. He did not take that very well.”

“He worked for one of Kyle Rittenhouse’s companies briefly but ultimately that didn’t work out and he was fired before Rittenhouse launched the first of his three successful Presidential campaigns,” she said. “I had to look that up on Google because looking at him now, it’s hard to believe he was ever relevant to anything consequential.”

“It’s also hard to believe Florida was habitable just 40 years ago,” she added.

In 2063, she said DeSantis is under her care in an assisted living facility on the moon where he sits by himself staring out the window and repeatedly muttering the word ‘WOKE’ to himself.

“The only variances are the twice a day ‘pudding times’, which he insists on eating with his fingers, and crying uncontrollably during Disney movies,” she said.

Clark Brooks

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