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USF Athletics sends shout-out to this girl I had a crush on


The University of South Florida (USF) Athletics Department has posted a billboard in Tampa that says #Beatrice, which is the name of this girl I had a huge crush on when I was in high school.

Her name was Beatrice Sisson. She was two years older than me and I became infatuated with her when I was a sophomore, and she was a senior. She was the editor of the school paper so she held a position of authority, which I’m kind of into. It’s not creepy, I just like confident, assertive women. Shut up. Don’t judge me. She also was on the softball team and I like that too. Obviously, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

Not counting Laurie Partridge and whoever the skater who played Alice in the Alice in Wonderland number from the Disney On Ice show we saw at the Notre Dame ACC was when I was five or six-years old, she was my first real, serious crush.

I took her to see “Purple Rain” after we had both graduated and we sort of, almost, kind of made out a little after but nothing ever really serious happened and then I moved to Florida. As far as I can tell from Facebook, she isn’t married and lives in Chicago now. I think it’s possible I may still have a thing for her.

That’s also not creepy. Again, shut up.

Anyway, billboards like this cost like $4000 a month and I’m going to email her a picture of it and say I had something to do with it. She won’t know and neither will they. Why not? Hey, it’s worth a shot!

I have no idea why USF felt the need to bring all these feelings up for me but they have a football game at Raymond James Stadium against Rice tomorrow at 4 and… oh wait a minute.

Clark Brooks

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