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USF researchers make remarkable discovery

Easter island

A research team from the University of South Florida (USF) visiting the famous statues on Easter Island have discovered something that wasn’t previously known, which is what the word ‘discovery’ means.

“My man is not exactly packed in the slacks, if you get my meaning,” said USF student Pete Krudoff, pointing to one of the statues that the team has dug beneath.

“I disagree,” said fellow student Archie Fleese. “The unit in question is of considerable length as well as girth. It’s quite impressive.”

“Not in terms of the proportions of the rest of the statue,” countered Krudoff. “By that comparison, it’s quite small.”

“Once again, I have to point out Michaelangelo’s David,” responded Fleese.

“And once again, I have to point out that they’re completely different styles of sculpture,” said Krudoff.

The debate was interrupted with the query that shouldn’t an archaeological excavation of this magnitude be focused on something more significant than the anatomical features of the subject.

“Oh, we’re not archaeology students,” said Krudoff.

“Yeah, we’re undergrads in the Dick Studies program,” added Fleese.

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